Vail Valley Anglers 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Vail Valley Anglers Holiday Gift Guide 2022

It’s that time of year again. White lights adorn evergreens in classic holiday fashion. The infamous Friday sales following Thursday’s gluttony are upon us as well. Shoppers with a question mark beside their favorite angler need to look no further than the Vail Valley Anglers fly shop in Edwards to fill every need. Whether the gift is a big hit item, an angler-focused specialty item or a stocking stuffed full of necessities and consumables that you are looking for. Angler-centered gifts are unique unexpected surprises to find under the Christmas tree.

Sightlines Provisions Bracelets

Shoppers leaning towards a gift with a focus on fishing will discover everything an angler could want inside Vail Valley Anglers and more. Fly rods and reels are big ticket items that push the limits of a credit card but yield treasured items anglers cherish for years. Want your favorite angler to think about you every time they go fishing? Gift them a rod or reel. Every time they rig up to approach the river, you will be in their mind as they uncase the beloved accessory.

Rods and reels carry the heavy weight of a hefty price tag which is certainly appropriate for a high-end gift. But looking through the specialty gift selections at Vail Valley Anglers produces some surprises that are sure to be economical and appreciated. Gift items that will flow through your angler’s hands every time out, like on-the-water accessories, companion embellishments and after-angling doodads.

High Camp flasks makes a two-tumbler, flask kit for on the water, in the boat or back at the truck delivery of your favorite beverage. The two tumblers have deep grooves for designer appeal and functional handling. The vacuum-sealed flask will keep liquids cold til the right moment. And what’s better to serve a group of anglers a celebratory toast that’s poured from your High Camp flask into your Rep Your Water drinkware.

The Rep Your Water drinkware makes the perfect Old Fashioned glass complete with angling-inspired trout skin motifs. Rep Your Water also makes a classic beer can-shaped glass with a printed mayfly pattern that holds a beer the way it should be. Apres angling is an event that happens after every fly trip.

On the water, your angler will appreciate the tools that make our sport more enjoyable. One such gift item is a quality landing net from Fishpond. The Fishpond series of nets come in a vast variety of styles, shapes, and lengths. Does your angler spend all of their time wade fishing? Then a Fishpond Emerger or Native model is of an appropriate length. The nets come with a unique trout skin pattern that gives each net a one-of-a-kind appeal.

One concern for any angler who spends a considerable amount of time under the sun are the harmful effects of the UV rays on exposed skin. The default angling cap every angler has a stack of is the baseball-style hat. We are all guilty of grabbing our favorite hat and neglecting the exposed ears, cheeks and neck that dermatologists inspect tediously. The Fishpond Lowcountry hat is a broad-brimmed hat that offers the ultimate sun protection while looking Colorado cool on the water. A fish print hat band encircles the straw hat that has a broad brim but not an encumbering size. Sure to be a favorite, this hat will provide functional, fashionable service in the Rocky Mountains, on the beach or during bankside siestas for covering your face and eyes.

I have a buddy who escapes to the river whenever a few minutes give him the opportunity. As a result he often grabs the only angling buddy who always says yes, his pup. Want to make your favorite angler smile when they tear open the wrapping paper? Have a trout-inspired dog leash from Whiskey Leatherworks fall into their lap. There isn’t an angler around who doesn’t want everyone to know their dog is a fishing dog.

Every angler needs more flies, tippet, and leaders. Go ahead and stuff a stocking with those consumables that always need replenishing. Fly boxes, sun gloves, and vest tools are easy choices.

Vail Valley Anglers fly shop has a lot more inside than just flies. Treasured gift items your favorite angler will savor and admire for years to come. Stop by the shop in the Riverwalk for big-ticket gift items, after-angling accessories, and on-the-water tools that make the game of fly fishing more enjoyable. Or visit our online store here.

Michael Salomone, Fly Fishing Guide & Content Writer