Waterworks Lamson Liquid Reel

Waterworks Lamson Liquid Fly Reel Review

This product review focuses on the Liquid Fly Reel from innovative reel designer, Waterworks-Lamson. The Liquid brings high quality craftsmanship and fly fishing performance to an entry-level die-cast fly reel.The Liquid Fly Reel has forced the guides and staff at Vail Valley Anglers to reevaluate their take on things. Usually die-cast reels are cheaply built with poorly performing drag systems, basic features and lack of durability. Lamson has long been known for producing large arbor fly reels of the highest quality with lightweight strength, smooth drags and high-tech features. The Liquid reel is no exception and for around $100, this is not a fly reel that is strictly designed for beginner anglers. It will function under tough conditions with long-lasting performance.

Liquid Design

The Liquid Reel replaces the trusted Konic and although it comes in at a lower price point it features several design improvements. The Liquid is crafted from pressure die-cast aluminum. This creates compound curves and zero-radius inside corners. Resulting in a precise fit and finish not found in other die-cast reels. A one-piece frame adds strength and a narrow large arbor design with a concave curved spool holds fly line with plenty of backing capacity. The stealth black finish won’t spook fish with unwanted flashes and adds durability and abrasion resistance. With the drag system, Lamson did not cut corners on the Liquid. Their CNC-machined drag cassette is the same basic design as found on their high-end reels and has smooth fish-stopping power that is easily adjusted with a large drag knob.

Liquid Models and Specs

The Lamson Liquid comes in a full-range of sizes for many fly fishing applications from small brook trout in a mountain creek to hefty pike that require a 9 weight fly rod. Four sizes accommodate fly rods from three to ten weights and range from 3.34 to 4.65 inches in diameter and 4.23 to 8.19 ounces in weight. Backing capacity spans from 100 yards to 250 yards. Individual extra spools are available and Waterworks-Lamson also offers the Liquid Three Pack for anglers who like to carry multiple fly lines for different fishing situations. Priced at just $150 The Liquid Three Pack is complete with a fly reel, two extra spools and a carrying case. Switching spools is fast and simple. For the price of a single reel, anglers essentially get three reels-in-one.

Lamson Liquid Three Pack

Additionally, Lamson offers color sleeves for the drag cassettes that give your fly reel a little flash. The anodized aluminum sleeves are easy to intsall and give your Liquid Reel a custom look.

Liquid Field Test

We wanted to give the Liquid a fairly brutal test to prove its functionality compared to pricier high-end bar stock aluminum fly reels. To do this we took a trip to the Frying Pan River in search of heavy trout. We also went on a trip to Stagecoach Reservoir for huge pike. In both situations the Liquid performed without a hitch. In the famous Toilet Bowl on the Frying Pan while using a 5/6 liquid a seven pound rainbow was landed. The drag protected light 6X tippet well. While using the 9/10 model at Stagecoach Reservoir, the drag clamped down tight to see how it would react. With ease pike over 10 pounds was handled. In both cases, the arbor spun smoothly and the reel took up line fast. For saltwater fly fishing a quality bar stock aluminum reel is still preferred. The Liquid is a fine tool for most freshwater applications.

Made In the U.S.A.

The Liquid Reel is built and manufactured in the the USA! This provides jobs and keeps costs down. No other $100 fly reel can boast this much U.S. content. Fly fishermen in the United States designed and built the reel. Check out the Liquid and our entire line of fly reels at our retail fly shop in Edwards, Colorado.

Brody Henderson, Guide and Content Writer